Tumblr going slow

Why is it taking tumblr app on my android much longer to load pics than before?


These flexible shelves by Natascha Harra-Frischkorn of hafriko are a creative way to store your books.


Brian’s been confirmed to return in future episodes.


Calm down, they just wanted attention.

Think likewise!

To co-creators of Family Guy

Your savvy sense of humor or the opposite of it has paid off at last now that you’ve killed off Brian Griffin who is set to be brought back by his all-time ‘boy’friend Stewie using modern wizardry - time travel machine or something as such. To drum up viewers’ interest in the show you stooped to a new low. Well who can blame you? Amongst all the violence in movies and sex on TV…this can’t be unprecedented or unsucceeded.

Fellow fans, thoughts?


Spread the word: Hillflint

Kickstarter has rightfully earned its place on my list of favourites, as one of the most brilliant concepts to bless the web. Thankfully, as of lately, there’s been a wide array of outstanding projects who’ve seen their goals matched or even surpassed, with Hillflint being one of them.

Created by John Shi and Woody Hines, the brand sets out to deliver the perfect sweater, suitably named The Mark One. Admittedly inspired by a preppy aesthetic, reminiscent of “Take Ivy” times, Hillflint aims to recreate a luxury version of the timeless crewneck sweater. Combining over a pound of the finest two-ply Australian Merino wool, with ribbed cuffs and hem, raglan sleeves and 7-gauge stitching, they are able to deliver both exquisite quality and fit in a unique sweater. The brand has now surpassed their goal (over 50% in the first 12 hours), but feel free to visit their Kickstarter and give them hand!